About Us


Welcome to Leather Leash Store, the online store for Alpha 1.  We are a privately owned small business in Northern Michigan.  Showing and training AKC German shepherds for over 25 years as Whitside Kennels.  Steven and Nancy Whitworth regularly attend dog shows and national specialty shows and have first hand knowledge of dog showing, handling and training. 

Always a craftsman, Steve started making his own leather show leashes.  With his close attention to detail, the German shepherd handlers fell in love with his leashes and today he makes some of the most sought after handcrafted leather leashes and collars in the world.  Steve's wife, Nancy, compliments Steve's skills with over 30 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.  They fully understand the needs of their customers because they are one of their customers and they are at shows talking to  handlers and trainers regularly. 

Your questions and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.

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