Long Link Black Stainless Fur Saver - 3MM - Herm. Sprenger

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Especially suitable for short and long haired dogs.  Links slide smoothly through the ring making it an excellent selection for working with your dog.  Also a popular choice for German Shepherd specialty show dogs.

The source for this Sprenger innovation is derived from the well-known stainless steel product range, selected products are then completely exposed to a galvanizing process which colors the upper layer of the material. Thus the color is not only on the surface, it also penetrates down into the
substrate which considerably reduces the abrasion during use. Numerous tests confirm the surface behaves in the manner described. Depending on the nature of the fur a long lasting surface color will be achieved. A warranty against color abrasion, however, can not be granted. With continued
use the color may lighten somewhat developing an „antique-look” over time. The quality of the metal is not affected by this visual change to the appearance. Slight color deviations are possible between different batches as a result of the manufacturing process. Due to this characteristic
it is not recommended for dogs with a white or bright fur. When purchasing a black stainless steel product we would like to draw your attention to identifying metal tag with the red dot as well as to the “HS-Germany” mark which is stamped on all rings and swivels.

 Measurements may be rounded.  Links actual OAL are provided to give you the most details to help select the correct size. 

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Stainless Steel
Ring Diameter:
Oval 1 3/4" Long x 1/2" Wide
50cm (19-1/2") , 54cm (21"), 58cm (22-1/2")
Size Measurement:
Length Measured End to End Including Rings